Simone and PerouzeNo matter what choice of birth method, the aim is to give birth consciously, to be in harmony with all of life, especially life on spaceship earth. It’s not just about natural birth or giving birth in nature – the aim is to help people reconnect with nature, to see birth as part of a greater whole.

I feel passionate about creating awareness that birth is not without risk, whether in a hospital or at home. I want to hear more about your experiences and I hope my blog serves as a place where we can share our experiences.

909, 2016

Did you know that “intelligence” is inherited from mothers?

I have four girls, two each from different fathers (both men with very different intelligence strengths). I notice all four girls demonstrate relatively the same level of intelligence, although they are all diversely unique and have […]

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1607, 2016

Restoring and preserving native wisdom

One of the oldest cultures in the world is the native Australians.

I was VERY aware, as I birthed in the oldest rainforest in the world, that it was a privilege to be on the Originals […]

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907, 2016

Connection to our true nature means “getting dirty”.

18 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was fortunate to attend a talk on “the hygiene hypothesis”.  I’d never heard anything like it at the time (although it confirmed many of […]

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1003, 2015

Your Child Should Hate You

Sums it all up! Let’s choose differently from now on.
“From birth to “adult,” we’ve got it all wrong.”

Closeness with mother is a nutrient for babies. But at every turn, you’re given the opposite. When friends […]

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103, 2015

Top Ten Reasons Why This Attorney Chose a Home Birth

I had all these reasons and more!
For those of you wondering about what happens in the brain of an attorney when she becomes a mother, here’s a glimpse. For me, it was life changing. Saying […]

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103, 2015

Meet the man…

I don’t know anyone more REAL in birth matters than this wonderful human being.
Who is this guy?
Dr Michel Odent is famously good at being one step ahead of the game. He is a proper geeky […]

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2202, 2015

Removing Mothers “from the land”

I can understand that some of you may think that birth in remote areas is dangerous. And we have made it clear what it means for our women to birth in our communities. And you […]

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